Supreme Court issues hold on Circuit Court Judge’s decision; Governor’s Executive Orders


Late yesterday evening, the Oregon Supreme Court placed a hold on the preliminary injunction that was issued by Baker County Circuit Court Judge Matthew Shirtcliff earlier in the day. This hold will be in effect until the Supreme Court hears the state’s petition to dismiss the injunction, and the Supreme Court has not set a date for that yet. As a result, Governor Brown’s Executive Orders remain in effect.

Baker County continues moving forward in Phase 1 of the reopening plan. Baker County Business Liaison Jeff Nelson reminds everyone to expect changes as businesses reopen their doors. Nelson explains that businesses have had to adapt to meet the state reopening standards, and failing to comply with those standards could put a business in danger of fines from OSHA, penalties that could affect their liquor license or food handlers license, or even being ordered by the state to close again. “As businesses welcome customers back, customers can also welcome our businesses back by supporting businesses in these changes and being flexible. The business owners did not choose these requirements, but they are making it work and doing a great job to keep the community safe. Supporting our local businesses through this change is a great show of support for the community as a whole. Businesses have made some really innovative changes to serve their customers right now, it’s neat to see.” Nelson welcomes any businesses that may have questions during this transition to reach out to him at 541-523-0015.