Twenty-eighth COVID-19 related death reported


The Oregon Health Authority announced the twenty-eighth COVID-related death of a Baker County resident today. “Oregon’s 4,010th COVID-19 related death is an 81-year-old woman from Baker County who tested positive on Sept. 27 and died on Oct. 11 at St. Alphonsus Medical Center. Presence of underlying conditions is being confirmed.” This is the ninth COVID-19 related death of a County resident reported in the last 30 days, and the eleventh reported since the beginning of August.

Health Department Director Nancy Staten said, “I’m so sorry for her loved ones. This is incredibly hard, and all of us at the Health Department send our condolences. There continues to be a significant number of County residents who are very sick or hospitalized, and as much as we wish it was, this isn’t over yet.”

To protect the privacy and well-being of the family, and to maintain compliance with health information privacy regulations, no further information about the individuals will be released by the County. We encourage everyone to be respectful as these families in our community are grieving.